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Small hobby breeders of Big, Bold and Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats! Breeding for Health, Personality, Type and Size :-) Based in Pontyberem,Carmarthenshire, South Wales

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all hobby breeders of Norwegian forest cats and Norwegian forest cat kittens. Breeders of nfc norwegian forest cats since 2009.
We breed our forest cats for health, personality, type and size~ Norwegian forest kittens sometimes available to loving family homes.Based in Carmarthenshire, South wales, UK.
             Updated: 25/2/2017

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and can be contacted via messages too :-)

About U
 Hello and Welcome to my site!


Hello! My name is Charlotte Harrison and I live in the old mining town of Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire, South Wales with my husband John, our three Children, Izzy and Ziva our 2 dogs and last but not least our 10 cats.


We both have grown up around animals all our lives, I love animals and I have always been around all sorts from chickens and geese to cats and dogs and rats and I started riding horses at 14.

After school I went to college where I studied Equine (horse) studies from 1996 until 1998. I went back to college part time in 2004 to 2006 where I studied ABC in small Animal Care.

John is a keen fisherman and loves the outdoors. He grew up with various animals, from cats and dogs, to ducks, sheep and donkeys! 

 To Find out more about our Feline family you can go to their individual pages :-)


We are registered with FIFE/Felis Britannica which is the European Governing body for cat fancy and we are members of The garden of England Cat Club

 I am so pleased and lucky to have been able to find my cats, not only from people that I trust and call friends, but people who look after and care for their cats and their babies, not just whilst they are in their care but for the entirety of those kittens lives, one of the most important things when looking for a kitten are not just the kittens themselves, but also the homes they come from.


 Our cats and dogs alike are first and foremost pets, the cats have full roam of the house and our garden which is enclosed, so they can now go in and out as they please via a cat flap in the kitchen.

The Adkelekatts site will be regularly updated


If you would like to contact me with enquiries about the breed, us or my cats/future kittens or just for advice or a cat chat please don't hesitate to email or call. Looking for the right kitten for you/your family can take time and you may want to contact a few different breeders, so please feel free to contact me with no obligations ;-) 


We do not re-home our cats as they are our pets and part of our family, We would ONLY ever consider

re-homing if it was GENUINELY in the best interest of that individual cat, and in that instance we would 

home them with friends or family.

Thank You



My aim as a breeder is to help preserve the health, type and temperament of the Norwegian Forest Cat 

that is natural to the breed :-)


What I love about this breed is the fact that they are natural, not MAN MADE! They were created naturally, over generations of matings with cats from other parts of the world that were carried on the ships of traders, they became what they are today through adapting and survival of the fittest.


So this is my aim, with the help of a few breeder friends, to maintain and protect the standard that was set and to promote this magnificent breed in all its natural Glory!




On a personal level I aim to be as good a  breeder as possible and aim to help maintain the Norwegian Forest cat breed standard as it was originally recognised and at all times will put my cats needs and interest first, MY cats are my passion, My pets, Family! and breeding is a special extra. 

If at any time I believe one of my breeding cats may have a health issue that could be genetic/ hereditary that cat will be neutered. My cats and the breed comes first, I cannot guarantee 100% healthy cats/ kittens,

NO ONE can! They are a living being....But, I will not KNOWINGLY breed a cat if I am aware of potential

Health problems. I have neutered for this reason, and if need be I will do it again.

 I am here for the entirety of the cats lives, be it ones I have bought myself or bred. Any kittens bred by us will remain our responsibility throughout their lives and are asked to be returned to us if they can no longer stay with their family for whatever reason.....That is a genuine request and is also within our contract....It IS a doing

request, NOT a saying request! In that I mean, we are true to our word and not just saying it so it looks

good on paper!! 

Why Norwegian Forest Cats?


To cut a long story short, I narrowed my search down to a cat that would fit into out household, be laid back, bold, friendly, able to get along with children as well as other animals, as we already had two dogs.

But, most importantly for me, I wanted a natural cat! Not 'man-made', this narrowed my search down considerably!

And of course I wanted a cat that looked good! :-))

And so, I came to find the Norwegian forest cat! What more can I say! Described as a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey! I had to have one and have never looked back......Wegies are VERY, VERY addictive!!

It took me at least 2 years to find a good breeder that I was happy to buy my cats from and that had 

different lines to most in the UK at that time. I am glad to say I can call that breeder one of my best friends

and I have also met some good friends through Her too. So, Thank You Firoza Davies of Jotunkatts! 

Your a STAR XX


We do not currently have kittens
Look out for news later in 2017 :-)

Adkelekatts Anna 14 weeks 
(Thanks Lindsay for the pic ;-))

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Charlotte and John
Tel: 01269 871943
Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire, Wales

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We aim to breed healthy norwegian forest cats with the matching temperament that the wegie is renowned for. Our Norwegian cats are part of our family 

and live with us in our home. All of our NFC kittens are born and raised underfoot in our homeand are used to our 2 dogs, 3 children and our other cats :-)

We have been owned by norwegian forests since 2007 and FIFE~ Felis Britannica breeders of pedigree nfc since 2009.Based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales.