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Small hobby breeders of Big, Bold and Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats! Breeding for Health, Personality, Type and Size :-) Based in Pontyberem,Carmarthenshire, South Wales

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Our garden is fully enclosed so that our cats can enjoy the garden safely :-)



                    Vanya by the pond and in her summer coat :-)               


Iago in the Garden 

Side Run

 Although it is not huge, it does give the cats that extra bit of space, and access to the outside world,  where they can come and go as they please via a cat flap into the house, this is also where we keep our trays so they are not in the house  ;-)


We chose to have the run here as the children were too small to trust to close doors/gates etc so we thought it best to have it at the side of the house and by making the run high enough we have shelves that thecats can sit on in the sun.


Tilly (Mainecoon) 


Adkelekatts Eruanna

@ 13weeks (Litter 1)

  Adkelekatts Taurion aka Reuben

   6 Months Old in the snow (Litter 1)

Stud Run

In 2013 we decided to turn the dog run into a larger run for Diego :-)

In the making :-)

 and after a few weeks ....


and after a few more weeks....