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Small hobby breeders of Big, Bold and Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats! Breeding for Health, Personality, Type and Size :-) Based in Pontyberem,Carmarthenshire, South Wales

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Giving your cat a safe environment to explore in without
the worry.....You and your pet deserve it :-)
Here are some UK links to alternative ideas for outdoor freedom for your cats health and happiness, without compromising 
your pets safety :-)

If you are handy with DIY or know someone that is you can design and build your own cat run/ enclosure :-)
Here are some links if you are not in the DIY category ;-)

This is the installation we use at Adkelekatts

Or even Ebay Sellers

Links for Toxic and Non-Toxic plants for cats:

I am a member of

The Aristocats Cat Club


Useful links for Breeders and owners alike ;-)


Information on GSD IV (Glycogen Storage Disease) , PKD (Polycystic Kydney Disease) , HCM (Feline Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) the Corona Virus and FIP can be found on the sites below :-)


Feline advisory bureau

Advice on health and wellbeing, and up to date news in feline science and health.

Site for information about the history of the pedigree cats, and to educate cat breeders about the need for genetic variation and what the situation is in their breed, also articles about health issues and breeding issues, and where My Cats pedigrees can be seen.

Info on HCM in cats

Feline Infectious Peritonitis and

Corona Virus Website


A list of HCM, PKD, GSD IV and Baer (hearing) test results voluntarily submitted by the owners of the tested cats, Please note not all cats are tested and not all cats that have been tested will have their results on this site.

This laboratory provides a complete testing service. You can find all important information on genetic, hereditary etc diseases in cats, dogs or horses and laboratory profiles and screens (microbiology, haematology, allergy, pathology and genetic testing). You can download submission forms or order sample collection material for free.


ANTAGENE, research and analysis laboratory in animal genomics

in dog and cat.
ANTAGENE develops and commercializes
genetic tests for animal health, traceability and veterinary diagnosis
and offers genetics identification and inherited diseases diagnosis
specialized in dog and cat.
You can download submission forms or order sample collection material for free.


Hearing (BAER) testing in white cats 

 BAER testing explained:http: //


BAER test sites inc. UK :

Adkelekatts kittens will be using Dr. Judith Skerritt at Chestergates referral Hospital. Email: or

TEL:01244 853823 

Info on Pyometra  

Pyometra is an infection of the womb that can prove fatal


Please help yourself to our banner :-)
Links to areas around where we live :-)


Breeders of Merope 




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