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Small hobby breeders of Big, Bold and Beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats! Breeding for Health, Personality, Type and Size :-) Based in Pontyberem,Carmarthenshire, South Wales

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Please read our kitten policy at the bottom right of this page before contacting us about a kitten :-)
Updated: 21-06-2017
We hope to have babies spring/summer 2017
If possibly interested in a baby from us please first read the statement
There are links on our links page to suitable cat enclosures/ runs
and cat safe systems :-)
Due to loss of a second baby bred by us and dying as the result
of a road accident, we have made the decision to only allow our
babies to go to homes where they will be a house cat, or preferably have secure access to a cat garden or cat run.
If you are unable or unwilling to offer this type of home for our
babies, then please do not contact us.
Both cats were FAR too young to have had their lives ended this way, ONE
 was 7 months and one not yet 2 years old .
There are many dangers in allowing our cats out to free roam, 
the roads are getting busier, risk of attack from dogs, foxes and other
cats, theft as well as getting trapped where their cries for help
cannot be heard :-(
 It is becoming more unsafe and this breed is the type to sit in 
the road and expect a car to go around them!! 
As conscientious, caring breeders we want the best homes and 
the longest possible lives for all of our babies, and do not want to lose 
any more to the perils of the roads.
We ask that people respect our feelings on this matter and feel free to 
find alternate breeders
 If you would like a chat or advice please feel free to contact us :-)
There are links on our links page to suitable cat enclosures/ runs
and cat safe systems :-)

We do not currently have kittens
Look out for news later in 2017 :-)

All our Cats and babies are GSD IV Negative :-        


Adkelekatts Kitten Policy

Our kittens are born and raised in our home where  they are used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life from day one. Our babies are handled everyday and gradually introduced to Our children, Our dog and other cats so that they are well socialised.

Once they are fully litter trained they are allowed access to all of the downstairs (supervised) to allow them more room to play, explore and sleep and of course to spend maximum time with our family :-)

Our kittens are brought up in a loving and caring, but busy environment, where they will be able to develop their social skills and enable their very different personalities to shine. Therefore making them curious and confident when they go to their new homes :-)

(Please note that our children and dogs are supervised at all times when around the kittens. Our children are taught that it is not acceptable to man handle or pester the kittens at any time)

Due to losing two of our babies to the road outside their family homes, we will only allow our babies to go to homes where they have access to an enclosed garden/ run, taken for walks on harness or are indoor cats, with plenty of scratch posts and entertainment.

If you feel unable or are unwilling to offer this

type of home please seek another breeder.

We allow people to visit when the kittens are 7 weeks old onwards.

To reserve a kitten a deposit is required, deposits are non-refundable.


Adkelekatts Kittens will be ready to leave at around 13 weeks of age.

Kittens are fully vaccinated against CAT FLU, FELINE ENTERITIS and LEUKAEMIA.

Kittens are microchipped, wormed and anointed with frontline and of course litter trained.

Kittens are registered with FIFE/FB and come with a fully certified pedigree, vaccination card, microchip details as well as a goody bag of kitten food, toys and advice sheets, and a guaranteed lifetime of help and advice.

All kittens have 4 weeks of free pet insurance with pet plan (uk only)

New owners will be required to sign a contract ensuring the future welfare of their new kitten/ cat.

Pet kittens will be neutered by 6 months of age unless otherwise advised by your vet. 

All White kittens will be BAER (brainstem auditory evoked response) tested to determine their degree of hearing as white cats are prone to deafness.

Our kittens are BAER tested by DR Judith Skeritt at Chestergates Referral Hospital, Chester.


We are here for the entirety of the cat's lives and are here to help with any problems, worries or just for a cat chat, and love to have updates on how our babies are doing from time to time :-)

Adkelekatts Eruanna aka Erin 1yr old

If you have any questions please contact us on

Tel:01269 871943

or email:


Looking for a kitten?

If you are looking for a kitten here are a few things you may like to think about :-)

Look into the breed that you think will best suit you. It is important to get a cat that fits your home and lifestyle, not just looks good ;-)

Eg. Coat type: Grooming the cat may need.

Temperament: Vocal? Demanding? Laidback?

Health = Some breeds are more prone to have health issues  than others.

Find a good breeder. It is best to talk to a few breeders and get a 'feel' for the people you talk to. If you can visit then even better, it is better to visit when they have no kittens available so that you can see where the kittens are being brought up, meet the people and their cats, without the pressure of wanting to take a baby home with you ;-)

PLEASE! What ever you do, DO NOT get a kitten because you feel sorry for it! You could buy more than you bargain for! :-(

Take your time. At the end of the day would you rather pay good money for a good quality, healthy animal, from a good breeder that is there for the entirity of the cats life? Or do you put your money in the hands of a disreputable breeder who has run of the mill kittens and is trying to make a quick buck??

Kittens should be born and raised in the home and should be where they have access to part of the home that is used on a daily basis for a good deal of the day Eg Kitchen, NOT shut in a room where they only see the breeder when they go to feed and clean trays.

You do not want to bring home a nervous wreck. 

Home reared kittens should be curious and friendly and well used to the home environment.

Bad breeder ethics makes bad quality kittens, there are many puppy and kitten farmers out there! Having posh runs outside may look good, BUT, does the cat have mental stimulation, scratch posts, space, company? Would you like your cat living like that 24/7?

Stud cats are generally kept in runs/ cat gardens due to spraying, and the neccessity of keeping them seperate. But, being a stud cat does not neccessarily mean that they cannot have company, they often live very happily with a neuter :-)

Are the kittens and adults clean, groomed, healthy, bright eyed and sociable?

Kittens should be registered, have a pedigree, be vaccinated, wormed and some are microchipped.

Ask lots of questions. The breeder should also ask you lots of questions too, to make sure you and your kitten are suited :-) If the breeder does not ask you questions, then you have to wonder how much they actually care about where their kittens are going?

When visiting, the breeder may ask you to wash/ sanitise your hands and may ask you to remove your shoes.

 This helps to protect little kittens (before they are old enough to have their vaccinations) from any germs you may carry from outside, especially if you have other pets, kittens do not take alot to get poorly and the last thing a good breeder wants is to risk the health of their kittens.

Even if you just want a magnificent Norwegian forest cat as a pet, please look into the breeder you buy from, this more than anything will help to single out the bad breeders and can only benefit the Wegies as a breed, as is the same with any kitten or puppy,cat or dog. At the end of the day you should get what you pay for.

It took me over 4 years to find Firoza and Na'il, and after many hours on the phone and emails, I visited.

All the way to Leicester and back to visit kittens! But as a good friend of mine says ' What is a few hundred miles once, for the right cat that you should have for years?'.

I would just like to say that everything written here is my personal opinion and just hope that it may be of benefit to anyone looking for a kitten :-)

Many thanks